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About Dive Center


Seven Heaven Divers has established itself as one of the most popular dive clubs in Dahab. We have achieved this through our reputation for maintaining standards, the professionalism of our staff, the high quality of our equipment, our customer service and our commitment to safe practices.


As well as maintaining the highest standards, we know the customer is here to have fun. You will find that Seven Heaven Divers has a very relaxed atmosphere which helps you to get the most from your diving.

Have fun, dive safe, dive with SEVEN HEAVEN DIVERS!

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  1. Chika Yamada

    4 years ago


  2. sunghyunkim

    4 years ago

    Hello :-)
    i want to take a scuba diving certificate, open water or if it possible , advanced.
    And we’re two person.
    Could i know the price of it ?
    and if i take that in your shop, can you provide hostel or any lodging ? :-)
    Because i read someone’s review about that, so just curious :-)

    And we’re going to Nuweiba today.
    is there any pickup service or something in your shop? Best regards :-) Thank you !

  3. Junho lee

    4 years ago

    Hi my name is junho Lee. I am padi instructor. I am traveling all around the world now.
    I will go to Egypt about two months later. But if you want i will be there early. If i arrive Egypt can i work your shop? I really want to work in your shop.
    I worked Inoon scuba in Korea. It is padi 5 star IDC center. And I have run my own dive shop for three years. I participated in more then three times IDC as a staff.
    I taught about 150 students.
    I can teach padi tec course and tec side mount course.
    I can teach many specialty courses too.
    If you hire me more koreans come to your shop. It will be good for your business.
    I was lifeguard instructor and first aid instructor in korean red cross. So i have many good tips than others. And more professional.
    If you want to hire me please send me email. So i will give you my information more. For example my pro number or which specialty courses can i teach. If you don’t please give me reply too.

  4. William jhang

    4 years ago

    I am William . Finding your information from TripAdvisor, I and my friends are interested in taking an OW +AOW course in Dahab from Dec 28 to Jan 1. Do you still have the course available for us during that time for 3 people? (Note: one of us cannot swim)

    Cost of the OW / OW+AOW (all gears are provided?)
    Is it a private course or group course? (one of us cannot swim)
    How many days does the OW+AOW take?
    Will you provide accommodations and meals?
    Do you provide a diving mask for nearsighted with 9.0 diopters?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Rina Ono

    4 years ago

    I will go to Dahab from the night of today. I would like to dive tomorrow, could you give me more details?

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