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Head office

Tel : (+2) 0693652752

E-mail :


Mr. Emad Ashmawy

(+2) 01001856907


Mr. Atef Ashmawy

(+2) 01227856002


Mr. Hatem.S.Ashmawy

(+2) 01004646062


Mr. Hassan.E.Ashmawy

(+2) 01009136223


Mr. Mohamed.S. Ashmawy

(+2) 01001044629


Mr. Hassan.S.Ashmawy



Mr. Mostafa.E. Ashmawy

(+2) 01002541317








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  1. POOJA

    6 years ago

    i want to book room on your hotel so give me a availebility. for 10 to 12 dec

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  4. Kawada

    6 years ago

    I want to get AOW license at Dahab.
    So please tell me when is japanese instructor will be there in this year?
    I think I will go after June.

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