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Comments : 7

  1. lisa

    4 years ago

    Do you have dorm beds if so how much.Do you have a kitchen where you can cook for yourself.Can you pay in E£.If you do not have dorm bed what is next cheapest you have availability mid september

  2. Masa

    4 years ago

    Hi, I am wondering if I could take a scuba diving course in Japanese. I am in Luxor now and thinking to go to Dahab in a week.

  3. Ken

    4 years ago

    Hi, I’m ken

    I have a plan to stay in Dahab from 12/30-1/4.
    And hope to join a course ‘’PADI Open water’’.
    Then I have three questions.

    First, are there Japanese instructors?
    Second, am I able to take this course though the new year’s holiday?
    Third, How many dates should we take lessons?
    I hope to spend within 2 or 3days…

    when you have time, please tell me.

  4. ethan ho

    4 years ago

    Hello, we want to join the Ow & Aow diving class and stay in your resort, but we have not any diving experience, can you give us some information? And can we know the price and how many days it take? and do we need to know how to swimming?

    Thank you!

    Date:from 6/7
    2 people
    Ow and Aow diving class and stay

    Ethan Ho

  5. Sahar Elserwy

    4 years ago


    What are the rates for double and single rooms for 3 nights next Saturday (sat/sun/mon/tue) for Egyptians?

    Also what are your accommodation policies

  6. Ken

    4 years ago

    I and my wife are planning to go to dahab from 11/8-11/12, and we want to take open water scuba diving course.
    We prefer dorm beds.
    Could you tell us the price and availability on the dates?

    Thank you

  7. Vladimir Hernandez

    4 years ago

    Hello. Do you have single room for 26-28 April?. Thanks!

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