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The Thistlegorm

The Thistlegorm & Ras Mohammed

This is, quite rightly, one of the most popular safaris out of Dahab. Although the boat departs from Sharm, its actually better value to organize this trip from Dahab.

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The Thistlegorm was a British WW11 transport ship that was on its way to supply arms to the allied troops in north Africa. While sitting at anchor awaiting orders she was hit by a single bomb dropped by a German long range bomber out of Cyprus. The ship was blown in two and sank instantly with the loss of 7 lives, (some sources say 9).


The Thistlegorm now sits, upright, at a maximum depth of 30 meters. The stern, which was blown off, tilts at an angle of around 45%.

Around the wreck is scattered debris, including, shell cases, bren gun carriers, barbed wire and a locomotive. On the deck are more locomotives, torpedoes and, at the rear, an antiaircraft gun makes for a great photo opportunity.


Inside the holds are BSA motor bikes, trucks, and 1000’s of rubber boots!.
Around the wreck are many, very large, fish who use her as a haven from the strong currents that often prevail in the area.

You normally do the first dive around the outside of the wreck and the second inside the holds.

After leaving the wreck you have lunch and head for “Ras Mohammed” national park for the final dive of the day at what was reputed to be Jaques Cousteau’s favourite dive.


The dive at Ras Mohammed is on “Shark” and “Yolande” reef. The reefs here are teeming with life and the corals second to none and there, actually is, a good chance of seeing sharks. You will defiantly see toilets, these are the cargo of a, long since, disintegrated wreck and add a surreal nature to this dive site.


World class wreck, world class reefs, world class diving!. If you not happy with this trip then maybe you should give up and try something else.

This trip is for advanced divers and above only. Be aware that the currents on these dives can be very strong.

Nitrox is now available on this trip.