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Camel Safari

Camel Safaris To Ras Abu Gallum or Gabr-El-Bint


If you want to dive some pristine dives sites and have always fancied riding a camel, then these safaris are for you.As there are no roads to these sites they can only be reached by boat or camel.

Have you ever seen a camel wearing SCUBA tanks? well, you will on this trip.

First leg is by jeep to rendezvous with the Bedouins and their beasts. After loading up the gear we head off along the coast and over the mountains. After around an hour you arrive at the dive sites, (Ras Abu Galum is to the north of Dahab and Gabr-El-Bint is to the south).


The diving at either site is exceptional with large, “gorgonian”, sea fans, multitudes of fish life and spectacular corals. There is also a reasonable chance of seeing less common marine life such as turtles, eagle rays and, on occasion, sharks.


Lunch is cooked and served by the Bedouins between dives and you head back in the afternoon, probably a bit saddle sore but having had a wonderful, “Dahab”, experience.

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