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  1. Jongseok

    3 years ago

    Is there a Korean instructor for open water dive?
    Thanks and best regards,

  2. 양승원

    3 years ago

    아직 한국분이 계시는건가요??? 스쿠버다이빙 경험이 없습니다.
    6월말 ~ 8월말 두달가량 이집트에 있고
    다합에서는 한달~ 한달반 정도 스쿠버를 배우고자 합니다.
    오픈워터 ~ 다이브 마스터까지 배운다면 대략적인 기간이 저정도면 충분할지
    비용은 얼마나 들지 궁금합니다. 메일로 답변 기다리겠습니다

  3. Alex ZHU

    3 years ago

    Hello, My name is Alex and I love scuba diving very much,I got an OW license last year and I’ve dived 15 times.

    I will come to Dahab on 27th.And I will leave on 31st Jan.So I ‘d like to have an AOW course and 2days of fun dive .

    Also I’d like to know what dive sites are included in the course.

    Also I’d like to rent a underwater camera.

    Please plan a wonderful trip for me and tell me the whole price is.Of course a discount would be great.

    ps:is a digital watch necessary?And is equipment included in the course.

    Looking forward to your reply,and thank you very much.

    Yours Alex


    3 years ago

    I’m TAKAYAMA.from JAPAN.
    I plan to go to Dahab on 12-14Aug.
    I have made a Airplane reservation already to Sharm El Sheikh .
    I have a question to you.

    1.Transportation :I’d like to know the price.
    12/Aug:From Sharm El Sheikh airport to Dahab *Nile Air 53/ 13:00
    14/Aug:From Dahab to Sharm El Sheikh (Sol Y Mar Naama Bay Hotel)

    2. Do you have the hotel of the recommended 3 star class?
    I want to stay other your hotel.I want to know a nearby hotel recommended.

    I’d like to dive for 2 days.
    I want to go “Blue Hole & Canyon”. Can I go there on Aug13 or 14?
    I have PADI-Certification Card(AOW/ Deep diver and Enriched Air SP)

    4.Do you have Japanese Staff?

    E-MAIL: sinjst@gmail.com

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