PADI Open Water

$ 300 | Duration: 3-5 days

Prerequisites: The ability to swim! A reasonable level of fitness
Certification: PADI Open Water diver to 18 meters.


Course Overview


This is the entry level PADI qualification to enable you to dive without direct supervision*.

The course consists of 3 main areas.
First is knowledge development, where you learn about the underwater environment, the basics of diving, equipment and safety.
Second, is confined water training, where you learn the skills you need to be a safe and competent diver.
Last are the open-water dives, where you will apply the skills you have learned whilst diving among some spectacular reef environments.

Welcome to diving!

*Please note that in Egypt all qualified divers have to dive with a dive-master or instructor as a guide.

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Please ensure that you meet the medical prerequisites for diving with 7Heaven Divers.

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  1. Noji Hidekazu

    2 years ago

    Hello. I would like to obtain the open water license. Do you have a course in 29.30,31 of December?

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